Sunday, May 13, 2007

Seu Jorge Tour Canceled?!?!?

got my Seu Jorge/Cesaria Evora tickets in the mail last week for the June concert in Toronto... then I hear Seu Jorge bowed out. Started planning a trip to go check out his gig in Philadelphia also planned for June... it seems that's canceled too... does anybody know what's up?

Friday, May 11, 2007


It’s a beautiful dawn on the hill
No one cries, there’s no sadness
No one feels depressed
Come here s we can meet up
It’s a nice view
That you have to get to know
And there’s nothing to worry about
The shadiness is connected to you
I have beer in the fridge
The bean stew is on the stove
I’m only waiting for you to get here
I want to see if you have the courage
Of climbing the famous Mangueira
Samba on the street
The best samba in town
I embrace you
I don’t live there
But I consider Mangueira
The best spot in town is Mangueira

*Mangueira is one of Rio’s “shanty” neighbourhoods, famous for its Samba music. It’s samba parties are legendary, and a hot spot for both Cariocas and tourists alike...

Chega no suinge

I see so many different kinds of people
Waiting for the party to begin
You from here, you from there
Fill my eye from the stage
We’ve been complaining for a long time about where the country’s headed
But we can’t stand it anymore
Now we can only shake in peace
Now we can only live th best we can
And what matters to me
Is that you can be here
Save the life
Save the love
And come dig this groove with me
Let life explode
Come do that swing
Let’s give them something to talk about
Here there’s gafieira [a samba dance style]
So you can set it freeCome over here