Monday, September 18, 2006

Mania De Peitão
(Obsession with a large chest)
Seu Jorge, from Cru

She has curves
That are way too sensual
Our eyes are captivated
With her sculpted body
On the beach she’s a delicacy, with her brown skin
She leaves many women annoyed
And all the men drooling

At night she’s a star
Covers up the moon’s brightness
There’s no other beauty on earth
That can compare with yours
But what people don’t know
Is that this tremendous cyclone
The muse from the millennium generation
Comes packed with silicone

Obsession with a large chest
Obsession with a large chest
Obsession with a large chest
Comes packed with silicone


I’ve never seen such demands
To do what you do to me
You have never known a conscience
Can’t you see that I’m just a poor boy

You only think in luxuries and riches
Everything you see, you want
Oh my god how much do I miss Amelia
Now that was a real woman!

[repeat from the top]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brigadão...pode você Mangueira por favor!!!

12:34 AM  

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