Monday, September 18, 2006

Rock’n’Roll Suicide
Seu Jorge adaptation from Bowie

You pick up a cigarette
Put it in my mouth
And you venture to smoke another
You don’t eat you’re not hungry
That’s the truth

You’re a rock’n’roll suicide
You’re old but you’re alive
Plenty of time to die
And how much time
Is passing in the city
your flame is burning with solitude

You’re a rock’n’roll suicide
You are afraid
But you advance at the light
And you don’t understand that the sun has risen
As long as you can hide in your house
You won’t see it
That what really matters is that you’re not alone
Oh no you’re not alone
I won’t leave you even if you want me to
Come see me
The sun will rise
And I will be with you again
Oh my love you’re not alone
I am here to protect you
Let’s live for our own good
Only the two of us is all we need
Oh my love the train is leaving
From my heart
The train is leaving
From my heart

Give me your hands
Give me your hands
Give me your hands


Blogger Enrique said...

:-D awesome, i dont know portuguese but its close to spanish. and i speak spanish so i got about 60 percent of the song right. :-) you should translate Changes by him too.

2:30 PM  
Blogger [rod] said...

Hey man, I appreciate your effort into translating his songs, but I must warn you about some translation mistakes, kay?

11:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I really dont understand why the Newspaper "Folha De S Paulo" wrote this :

"Menos sutil ficou a versão de Rock'n'Roll Suicide. As partes baixas femininas não escaparam de uma menção que, ali, soou desnecessária."

What "partes baixas femininas" ??

6:56 AM  

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