Friday, May 11, 2007


It’s a beautiful dawn on the hill
No one cries, there’s no sadness
No one feels depressed
Come here s we can meet up
It’s a nice view
That you have to get to know
And there’s nothing to worry about
The shadiness is connected to you
I have beer in the fridge
The bean stew is on the stove
I’m only waiting for you to get here
I want to see if you have the courage
Of climbing the famous Mangueira
Samba on the street
The best samba in town
I embrace you
I don’t live there
But I consider Mangueira
The best spot in town is Mangueira

*Mangueira is one of Rio’s “shanty” neighbourhoods, famous for its Samba music. It’s samba parties are legendary, and a hot spot for both Cariocas and tourists alike...


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